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The Queen and I; Sue Townsend


Chapter 1

  • Why do you think the Queen didn't want a Republican governmentto be elected?

  • What did Jack Barker tell the Royal Family about their new homes?

  • He tell the Royal Family that they will get a pensioner's bungalow and they're entitled to one as an ordinary citizen of this country.

  • What did Jack Barker do with the Queen's crown and what do you think this signified?

  • Jack Barker held the crown over his head so that everyone could see it.

    Chapter 2

  • Describe Beverley and Tony Threadgold.

  • Tony Threadgold was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Beverley was fat and blonde, wearing clothes a size too small for her. They were husband and wife.

  • List five things the Queen observed in Hell Close.

  • The Queen observed in Hell Close that the street smelled bad. Somebody in the Close was burning car tyres. Not one house had all its windows. Fences bronken. Gardens were full of rubbish.

  • What was the first problem for the Queen, Charles and Diana and how was it solved?

  • The first problem for the Queen, Charles and Diana was that the carpets were too big for the small rooms. They solved there called a handyman.

    Chapter 3

  • Why wouldn't the Queen let Trish into the house?

  • Why couldn't the Queen warm the room?

  • The Queen couldn't warm the room because they're rats.

  • Describe how the Queen injured herself and how she got out of her house.

  • Chapter 4

  • Why did all the women visit Diana and what did this show about the people in Hell Close?

  • The women visit Diana that some of them had brought autograph books.

  • What things about family life in Hell Close were new for Diana?

  • For her was new not to have her Mercedes-Benz 500SL.

  • What did Beverley teach the Royal Family?

  • Beverley teach the Royal Family make a cup of tea.

    Chapter 5

  • How was Philip's new life affecting him?

  • To Philip it affects the surroundings to him, that smell bad, this sad one, discouraged and it does not want to go out, prefers to remain in house.

  • What important facts do we learn about Philomena?

  • Philomena dressed slowly in many layers. Then she put on her coat, a scarf and a hat. She went to the kitchen to make her breakfast. In the kitchen there were five slices of bread, a small piece of cheese and enough cereal for half a bowl. She would have to wait another two days until her pension arrived.

    Chapter 6

  • Diana was upset about two things in court. What were they?

  • She was jealous and she decided to put on some weight.

  • How was Anne different from the other members of her family?

  • Chapter 7

  • Find four reasons why Queen needed money immediately.

  • She needed money immediately because she had borrow money from her grandson for the gas meter, she haven't got any food or heating and, when the electricity goes, she'll have no light and she was nothing in the fridge, and the cupboards were empty.

  • Fitzroy promised his mother that he would never go into betting shop. How did he keep this promise?

  • Why did Fitzroy and the Queen Mother like each other and why were they both happy at the end of the chapter?

  • They like each other because the Queen Mother pulled a 5 pounds note from her bag and gave it to Fitzroy. They both happy at the end of the chapter because the Queen Mother had a new friend.

    Chapter 8

  • Why couldn't the Queen get her Emergency Payment?

  • Because she don't remeber her present adress because she had been living for four days there.

  • How did the Queen finally get some money and what did she think made it impossible?

  • The Queen get some money cause her dog hasn't got anithing to eat, and she think made it impossible because the DDS was closing.

  • Compare the butcher's attitude to his two customers.

  • Chapter 9

  • What did Diana and Charles each want to do with the money they had?

  • With the money they want buy any food for breakfast, pay the hair curt the Charles and fertilizer the garden .

  • Summarise briefly the problems that Marigold Road Junior School had.

  • The toilets aren't inside the school and Charles and Diana haven't got any money for buy books, pencils, paper, glue, paint, gym equipment or teachers.

  • Why was Diana feeling sad at the end of the chapter?

  • Because she had no fun. She never went out. She desesperately needed a haircut. If she wasn't careful, she would soon look loke Beverley Threadgold.

    Chapter 10

  • Why did Anne enjoy talking to Spiggy?

  • Because Spiggy knew nothing about her.

    2. Where was Prince Edward and what was he doing?

    Prince Edward was go a mental hospital, called Grimstone Towers. When he was there he go into bed.

    3. What changes was Jack Barker going make?

    Jack Barker was going to be less the taxation but more money was going to be given to the poor, to educaton, to housing, and the Nationas Health Service.

    Chapter 11

  • Why did Trish McPherson think that the Treadgolds were unstable?

  • Because she couldn't forget that Beverley had once tried to attack her.

  • Why did the Queen find life horrible?

  • Because she haven't got any money, her husband is in a mental hospital, her daughter is having a relationship with a handyman, her son will be in court on Thursday and her dog is becoming a hooligan.

  • If Trish had read the letter in her briefcase, what would she have realised?

  • Chapter 12

  • Why was the Queen angry with Charles when she saw him in the courtroom?

  • Because she had told him to wear a suit and to get his hair cut.

  • Why did Diana think the Royal Family wasn't emotional?

  • Because when they get the veredict the Queen showed no emotion and Diana started to cry.

  • Apart from the letter to his mother, what other letters did Charles want to write?

  • Charles want to write to the governor about the overcrowded conditions in prision.

    Chapter 13

  • What shows that Anne was used to riding horses?

  • According to his letter, why was Charles having problems with the other men?

  • Because the governor was treating Charles with great respect.

  • How do we know that Sayako was rich?

  • Because he had manageress, a limousine, and went to the Buckingham Palace Hotel.

    Chapter 14

  • What decision do you think Charles made when he lookes out of his cell windows?

  • Charles looked out of the cell window. He could see the top branches ot the trees outside. He wanted freedom very much.

  • Why did Diana like Fitzroy?

  • Diana looked over the onions at Fitzroy. He was so tall, and good-looking. He was so well dressed. His fingernails were clean and he was kind to his mother.

  • How do we know that Diana had a sense of humour?

  • Because Diana said that Anne's hat it looks better on the horse that on her haid.

    Chapter 15

  • What Spiggy do to make the Queen think he was a kind man?

  • Because Spiggy was making a coffin for the Queen Mother.

  • How did the neighbourds show their kindness to the Queen on the day of her mother's funeral?

  • They show their kindness saying: these are simple people and they've got very little money, but they're very warm and kind.

  • What did Charles do when the guard went to the toilet?

  • Charles was horrified by the terrible, dehydrated state of his garden, but he didn't have time to worry about that just then. “quick, find my tracksuit and trainers,” he said quietly to Diana.

    Chapter 16

  • What three things made the Queen think that Jack Barker had spent all the money from Japan?

  • Describe how the Queen's family was in chaos.

  • The Queen's family was Philip in a mental hospital, Charles was somewhere in Scotland without a roof over his head, her middle son, Andrew, was serving on a submarine in Antarctica and now Edward was missing. Anne was going out with the handyman, Diana was probably having an affair with Fitzroy and the children were all beconig wild. Harris was also running around with a gang os street dogs.

  • Why did the Queen decide to invite her neighbourds and why did she think it might be a “goodbye party”?

  • Chapter 17

  • What had Jack Barker done? Explain briefly what this meant for Britain.

  • Mr Barker walked up to the microphones and held ud his hand for quiet.

  • What things happened on the balcony of Buckingham Palace that upset the Queen?

  • What did Sayako try to do to win the support of the British public and how did this go wrong?

  • The princess Sayako hold Harry's under her arm.

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