The man in the iron mask; Alejandro Dumas



  • What do we know about Aramis?

He was the Bishop of Vannes. He visited the prison to free the prisoner.

  • How did Philippe receive Aramis' message?

He found Bishop's messages hidden in his bread.

  • Describe Philippe's living conditions before he came to the Bastille.

He lived with his nurse and his teacher. He didn't see anyone and he received only some visits.

  • Why was the letter in the well significant for Philippe?

Because the Queen had written than letter. The letter spoke about him.

  • How did Louis XIII react to the birth of this second son?

He wasn't happy about the second birth.


  • Who was Colbert and why was he envious of Fouquet?

Colbert was the assistant Minister of Finance. He was envious of Fouquet because he was the Minister of France, and he wanted his job.

  • What information did Colbert give the King about Fouquet?

Colbert told the king that Fouquet took some money from the Government to pay his new house.

  • Why did Aramis really want the party at Vaux?

Because it was a very good house for change the kings. It had god many doors and tunnels.

  • Why did Aramis need the portrait of the King in his new clothes?

Because he wanted to make same clothes for Philippe.


  • What favour did Aramis need from Fouquet?

Aramis need that Fouquet write a letter and he need that he say that Seldon is free.

  • What did Aramis do while the Governor wasn't looking?

He changed the letter. He caught the letter. He hid it in his clothes and put on the table another letter.

  • Why did Aramis test Philippe in the carriage?

Because Aramis want that Philippe know all about the king and his live and family.

  • What reason did Aramis give for helping Philippe?

Aramis wanted to help the country and later Philippe would become him the pope.

  • Why did Aramis put Philippe in the room directly above the King's room?

Because they were an opening in the floor and they can see the king and how he acts.


  • How did the King feel when he was walking in the gardens?

The king was very envious of Fouquet. his house and gardens were more beautiful that the royal palace

  • Why was D'Artagnan upset?

Because he know and respected Fouquet. He didn't like what Colbert has said.

  • What did Philippe do after the king, Aramis and Porthos left the room?

Philippe put on the king's identical clothes. He went quickly to the king's room and lay down on the bed.

  • What did Aramis say to the Governor to explain Marchiali's strange behaviour?

He said that Marchiali was crazy , and he imagined that he was the king. He dressed like the king and looked like the king.


  • How did Louis show that he was furious?

He broke the furniture and dishes, tore his clothes and hit the walls with his hands. He shouted angrily.

  • Why did D'Artagnan suspicions about Aramis become stronger?

He was surprised that Aramis was bringing him the king's orders.

  • How did Fouquet react when he heard about the exchange?

He disagreed. He wanted to free Louis, although he wanted to send him to prison.

  • How did Fouquet help Aramis and Porthos?

He sent them to a house in the island of Belle-Isle, in the north-west of France.

How did Fouquet help the King?

He wanted to free him.


  • What will Fouquet do if the governor doesn't take him to the prisoner?

He will bring 10.000 soldiers to arrest the Governor and his guards and destroy the Bastille.

  • What reasons did Fouquet give the King not to kill Aramis and Porthos?

Fouquet said that they didn't want to kill him when he was their prisoner. Porthos and Aramis were Fouquet's friends.


  • How did Philippe feel when he saw his mother?

He was very nervously. He trembled when he saw his mother. His heart was full of emotion.

  • Why was everybody shocked when the door opened?

Because Louis entered in the room and the twin brothers were together.

  • How did D'Artagnan decide which man was the real king?

For their face colour. Philippe face were white because he has stayed in prison for a lot of years.

  • What was Philippe's punishment?

Philippe should go to the prison on the island of Sainte-Margarite. He will cover his face with an iron mask.


  • Why did Aramis and Porthos go to Athos' house?

Because their horses are tired and they needed news horses.

  • Why was Fouquet worried when he travelled to Nantes?

Because he think that the king wanted to arrest him there.

  • What did Fouquet decide to do after his meeting with the King and why?

He decided escape because he though that the king want arrest him.

  • Describe briefly the end of the chase.

The King arranged to D'Artagnan that arrested Fouquet and brought him to the Bastille. Fouquet left Nantes with a white horse. D'Artagnan caught him and brought him to the Bastille. Later the king arranged to D'Artagnan that he will go to Belle-Isle and kill Aramis and Porthos. D'Artagnan disagreed and decided go even there for make a plan whit them.

  • Why was D'Artagnan angry?

Because the king wanted that he kill Aramis an Porthos. He didn't want because they were his friends.


  • What did Porthos and Aramis see while they were walking along the beach in Belle-Isle?

They saw a ship coming towards Belle-Isle and there are seven other ships behind it.

  • Why didn't Aramis want to go to D'Artagnan's ship?

Because he thought that it was a trick. He ordered to the officials that D'Artagnan have to go to the island.

  • How did Porthos react when Aramis finally told him the truth?

Porthos was very angry because Aramis became him a traitor. He didn't abandon him because he is his friend.

  • What was D'Artagnan's plan to help Aramis and Porthos?

He planned to resign. This way his ship and most of the ships will return whit him and only two ships here to guard the island. Then they can escape to England or Spain.

  • What happened after D'Artagnan left for France?

The king's soldiers attacked Belle-Isle.


  • How were the islanders tricked?

While the islands were fighting, the soldiers on one side of the island, other soldiers were attacking the other side.

  • Describe briefly Aramis' plan to escape from Belle-Isle.

Aramis planned to exit to the island to slant a cave. They exit on the beach and they hidden buy bushes. In the cave three islanders are hiding whit a strong boat whit food and drink. They will push the boat in the see and they will go to Spain.

  • How many soldiers did Porthos kill and how did he kill them?

He kill ten soldiers. He lit the soldiers on the head with the rock and they died.

  • What happened to Porthos?

When Porthos were running to the back of the cave, a very rock fell on him. He died.


  • How do we know that the King now wanted to be a good generous king?

We know this because he free the islanders and he pardon Aramis and Porthos.

  • Why didn't the king tell D'Artagnan the truth about his friends?

Because he thought that it was better for him to hear the news directly from Aramis.

  • What happened to D'Artagnan?

D'Artagnan served the king for four more years as the Captain of the Mousqueters. Then the king made him a General in the French Army. He died while he was fighting in Holland.

What happened to Aramis?

Aramis became an important person in the court of the Spanish king.

What happened to Fouquet?

Fouquet was a prisoner in the Bastille until he died.


BESIDE : junto a, al lado de

ALLOW : permitir

COURT : juzgado, tribunal.

ABOVE : arriba

SUCH : tal

HARM : dañar, daño

PUNISHMENT : castigo

GREET : saludar a alguien

LOYAL :fiel

PRETEND : Fingir

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