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Sour rain


Sour rain, form of atmospheric contamination, at the moment object of great controversy due to the extensive environmental damages that has attributed you. It are formed when the oxides of sulfur and nitrogen combines with the atmospheric humidity in order to form sulfuric acids and [nítrico], that they could be dragged to big distances of their place of origin before depositing in form of rain. It also adopt sometimes the form of snow or fog, or throw in solid form. In fact, although the term sour rain comes using it for more than one century- it come from some atmospheric studies carried out in the region of Manchester, Inglaterra-, a term more appropriate scientist would be sour deposition. The dry form from the deposition is so harmful for the environment like the liquid.

The problem of the sour rain had their origin in the Industrial Revolution, and you/he/she/it have not stopped increasing from then. Ago many that It are recognized the graveness of their effects to local level, how they exemplify the periods of sour smog in very industrialized areas. Nevertheless, the great destructive capacity of the sour rain has only been made evident in the last decades. An extensive area that has been the object of multiple studies is the north from Europe, where the sour rain there is (erosionado) you structure, it have damaged the forests and the crops, and it have put in danger or decimated the life in the lakes of sweet water.

It are attributed to the industrial emissions be the main cause of the sour rain.

Solution: For order to stop this serious form of atmospheric contamination, we would have to begin from already, to consume less, to produce less, between other things so that you manufacture them stop contaminating the environment, because they are the guilty princypal of almost all the contamination in the world. ¡It is necessary to put an end to the sour rain!, that between another it damage the you hoist and the vegetation and contaminate the water

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