Sigmund Freud

Freud and his analisis betwen

the concious and the psycho analisis.

My main reason to chose Freud as my main research and focus on what he did with the psichoanalisis concept; Was because of my interest about the psichoanalisis technique. I personally liked what he apported to the behavioral science. (psichoanalisis). I believe that this technique and him are a benefi for all.

Profesor Sigmund Freud iniciated his carrer as a neurologist and achieved to reach succes as a scientific investigator. He studied during a year with Charcot in Paris and there he had the idea that the histerical problems were based in sexual dificulties. Returned to Viena and dedicated the rest of his life to elaborate a psichological system, which he denominated psichoanalisis, at first with the company of Joseph Breuer, and after a brilliant group of psychiatrists and philosophers from all over the world.

He proposed the free asociation and the dream analisis as main tools for his work. Formulated a theory about the personality, the mental system with three subdivisions: the me, the that, and the superme. centered the human motivation in a vital force which determined "libidus" the one that was chained to the sexuality.

The distinction of preconcious ideas and unconcious ideas drives us to abandon the territories of clasificatión and to form us a judgement about the functional relations and dinamics in the psychic activity. Up to here we have found a succesful preconcius which is easily made concious, and a succesful unconcious , which stayed unconcious and seems to be dissociated from concience.

Psychoanalisis. "Psychoanalisis is a theory of the personality and a sistem of psychotherapy. The first has been ataked by the philosophers of the science (eg. Bunge) and the second by the experimental psychologists. (eg. Eysenck)." The utility is doubted as a psychological theory and it eficiency as a psychotherapist method. The real importance of psychotherapy seems to have been during the second half of the XX´th century. The popularity of this sistem is greater between writers than psychologists.

"Psychoanalisis proves that the repulse unconcious ideas is provoked exclusively by the tendency accuried in its content. The theory more imediate and verosimil which we can build in this state of our knowledge, is the folowing: The unconcious is a regular phase and it is unevitable of the proceses which firm the our psychic activity."(internet) Every psychic act begins being unconcious and may continue being or progres to the concience, developing as how it happens not with a resestance.The differentiation of the preconcious activity and the unconcious activity is not primary but it establishes after being analized.

"Psychoanalisis has instructed us in the art of discovering the "diurnial rests" and the latent ideas of the dream."(prof. S.Freud) Because of its comparison with the manifesting content of the dream we have been able to make a judgement about the transformations by which the rests and ideas have pased and the way in which the same have affected.

Reffering to freud he was a pretty important person he was even compared with important thinkers." Freud was compared with Copernicus and with Darwin. His revolution took the support for the human pride when he insisted in the irracionality of our conduct."(Dario Pezk).

What prof. Sigmund Freud taught us and the whole society, means that he was an important scientist and an important thinker. During his life he helped us understand ourselves and others an important thing which, benefits everyone, to better the world.


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