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Look back at the `Dictionary Words' in this book. Make sure that you know the meaning of each word.

  • Here are some words which you know already. Which Dictionary Words are nearest to them in meaning?

  • Man: gentleman

  • Woman: lady

  • Illness: fever

  • Worried: anxious

  • Hurt: pain

  • Which Dictionary Words can you use for:

  • someone in your family: relative

  • something you play music on: piano

  • something you can ride in: horse

  • someone who works in a house: servant

  • someone who works in the church: priest

  • Use each of these Dictionary Words to write a new sentence, showing that you know the meaning of each word clearly:

  • feelings: My feelings have changed since I know him.

  • Advise: He likes to advise me about what I have to do.

  • Encouragement: She hasn't got encouragement to pass those proves.

  • Encourage: He tried to encourage me when I was depressed.

  • Invite: You have to invite al the party only the people that you want.



    You will find it helpful to write down the names of all the people in this story in their different family groups.

  • Who is Fanny married to?

  • Fanny is married to John Dashwood.

  • Is John Dashwood Mrs Dashwood's son?

  • No, he is Mr Dashwood's first wife's son.

  • What are the names of the three Dashwood sisters?

  • Their names are Elinor, Marianne and Margaret.

  • Who is Mrs Jennings?

  • Mrs Jennings is Lady Middelton's mother.

  • What is the name of one of Mrs Jenning's daughters?

  • Lady Middleton is one of the names of Mrs Jennings's daughters.

  • Who is Edward Ferrars's sister?

  • His sister is Fanny.

  • Whose relatives are the Miss Steeles?

  • Miss Steeles are relatives of Mrs Jennings.


    Chapter 1

  • Why must Mrs Dashwood find a new, smaller house?

  • Because she hasn't got enough money to live in a large house.

  • Who offers to help her?

  • John Middleton, who offers her a house to live with her daughters at Barton.

    Chapter 3

  • How does Marianne meet Willoughby?

  • She hurts her foot climbing a mountain and Willoughby carries her down the hill and takes her into a house.

  • Why is he visiting Barton?

  • He is visiting Barton because he has a relative there.

    Chapters 5 and 6

  • What does Marianne do first in London?

  • She writes a letter to Willoughby.

  • What is Mrs Ferrars's plan for Edward?

  • She wants a rich young lady to marry him.

    Chapters 7 and 8

  • How does Colonel Brandon ask Elinor to help Edward?

  • She has to told Edward that Colonel offers him to work in his church at Delafors.

  • Who does Lucy Steele marry?

  • Lucy marries to Robert Ferrars.


  • Who lives in these houses?

  • Norland: John Dashwood, Fanny Dashwood and later Edward Ferrars.

  • Barton Park: Sir John and Lady Middleton.

  • Cleveland: Charlotte, Mrs Jennings's daughter.

  • Cleveland is just of the city of Bristol. How far is this from London? Willoughby did this journey in one day - was that unusual in 1810? Why or why not?

  • Cleveland is 3 days far from London more or less.

    It was unusual in 1810 because the usual was three days.

  • Mrs Jennings spent part of every year in her house in London. What other places did she like to visit?

  • She likes to visit Cleveland for Easter, to visit her daughter.

  • Where did Elinor and Marianne go to live at the end of the story?

  • Elinor went to live in the priest's house in the village with Edward Ferrars and Marianne went to live at Delaford Park with Colonel Brandon.


  • How important is money in this book? Who in the story prefers love, and who prefers money? Is it still difficult to choose between love and money today? Why?

  • The book talks about families from the high class, and they are rich people and their most preoccupation is the money.

    Elinor and Marianne prefer love and Fanny, Mrs Ferrars, Mr Willoughby and Mrs Dashwood prefer money.

    Nowadays there are still people who choose their wife or husband depending of their money, but everyday there are a few people like them and most people marries because of love.

  • What do you think about Willoughby? Was Marianne happier without him in the end?

  • I do not like Willoughby because he prefers money to love.

    Yes, Marianne was happy without him in the end because she forgot him and married to Colonel Brandon and they went to live together.


  • Edward Ferrars seems boring to Marianne, and interesting to Elinor. Describe him in your words, using your ideas. What does he like to do? What does he say?

  • He is an honest and serious person, who likes to walk around the village talking to Elinor. He says that he would like to be a priest in the church.

  • You are Marianne. You met Willoughby for the first time yesterday. Describe what happened. How do you feel now?

  • “I'm very happy. Yesterday I was climbing a mountain with Elinor and I hurt my foot, I was in pain and I started crying. Then a man, Willoughby, was there to help me. He took me into a house under the hill and there we were speaking for a large time. He also likes music as me, and I think he is a very interesting person. I want to see him again. Now I can only think with him”.


  • Ave you seen the film of Sense and Sensibility? If you have, is the story different from this one? How? Do you prefer the film or the book? Why?

  • I have not seen the film, but surely I prefer the book because I do not like to see a film of one book I have read.

  • Do you prefer (say why):

  • Elinor or Marianne?

  • I prefer Elinor because she has her ideas clearer.

  • Willoughby or Colonel Brandon?

  • I prefer Colonel Brandon because he is gentler than Willoughby.


    Mrs Dashwood and her daughters have to go to live in an other house because they have not enough money to live in a large house as the one they are living now. Sir Middleton offers them a house at Barton and they accept. One day Marianne knows Mr Willoughby and she falls in love with him, but he does not want to marry to her because she has not a lot of money. Marianne gets down and she tries to commit suicide, but Colonel Brandon, who is in love with her, helps her. Meanwhile, Elinor falls in love with Edward Ferrars, but he is engaged with Lucy secretly.

    Finally Lucy marries to Robert Ferrars, Edward's brother; Marianne forgets Willoughby, she marries to Colonel Brandon and they go to live at Delaford Park; Elinor marries to Edward and they go to live in the priest's house in the village; Mrs Dashwood continues living at Barton but she goes very often to see her two daughters; and Margaret go to dances and her mother thinks about a husband for her.

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