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Semantics: Mock Exam (February, 2001).

Semantic parameters: (3 points): Describe the semantic parameters and the type of event (mode of action, activities, …) that characterise the predication in the following sentences.

  • His face reddened.

  • I pushed open the door.

  • She is hearing funny noises in the attic.

  • He fell asleep in no time.

  • His staff shall receive instructions.

  • John lives in London.

  • This boy resembles his father.

  • John paints water-colours.

  • They went to Chicago.

  • Last night he drank red wine.

  • The wheel was spinning.

  • This box contains cigars.

  • Are the NP's below referential? Answer Y or N. Explain. (3 points)

  • Captain Segura reserved a photograph on the desk:…. A heap of smashed metal which had once been a car. And this? : A young man's face in the flashlights: a man's foot touching his shoulders. “Do you know him?”.

  • We had a call from P. Sanchez about a man who had broken into his house with vague threats.

  • I could have made a beautiful woman very happy with a necklace of rubies.

  • No such profits, of course, were possible for the little man in the streets.

  • You've been writing his elegy like a bad novelist preparing an effect.

  • I just picked up in case I had to hit someone.

  • Define the semantic relations that characterise the non-verbal predicates in the following sentences, and underline the predicator (2 points):

  • John is a teacher.

  • My mother is the woman in the corner.

  • He's very good at his work.

  • The meeting will be at three o'clock.

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