Robinson Crusoe; Daniel Defoe


Name: Rafael Gabriel Gosalbez Ortega Form: 1ºX Nº6

Author: Daniel Defoe

Title: Robison Crusoe

Publisher: The Black Cat. Vicens Vives

Setting: - Place: assorted/varied

- Time: S. 1600 - 1700

Critical Opinion:

The history and basis is good, though long. I think about the history that the book teaches that we do not tell lies with God and we do not forget the promises. God has shown you that the sea is not for you' Robison foolishly ignores his advice and goes to sea again. The protagonist's psychology is very good and optimistic. He represents the evolution of the humanity. The civilization. The plants cultivation. The storage under his home. The administration of the gunpowder.

Part of the book you like best:

The best part is clearly how Robinson live on the island. The battle against the savages and the rescue of Friday. The Friday - Robinson relation. The life on the island, the tent, goatskin hat and umbrella. The history in general.


Robison Crusoe was born in York in 1632. His greatest dream was to go to sea, so, when he has the opportunity he ran off to the port of Hull. During the voyage, there were two storms and the second one caused ship to sink. However, a boat rescued Robison and the crew.

Robison then signed up for a voyage to Africa and learned how to be a good sailor and merchant. He signed up for another voyage to Africa but this time the ship was persused by Turks and they were made prisoners and taken to the port of Sallee.

After two years of slavery, he managed to escape in a boat with Xury, a black slave boy. After eleven days they approached Cape Verd where a Portuguese ship rescued them. The captain took Robison. Robison sell Xury to him.

In Brazil Robison became a sugar planter. After four years three planters asked him to go on a voyage with them to buy slaves in Africa. They went aboard on September 1, 1659 but twelve days later there was a great storm. The ship sank. Robison managed to swim to land.

Robison thanked God for saving his life. The first night he slept in sand. The following day he swam to the ship and took food, clothes, tools, guns, bullets... Everyday he returned to the ship to take other things -a knife, blankets, hatchets, a perspective glass and sails- until there was nothing more to take.

To protect himself from the savages and wild animals he decided to build a tent on the north side of an island. Then he built a fence around the house. Next he dug a cave in the cliff to store his things.

Although he was miserable he decided that it was God's wish that he was on the island and he tried to confort himself by listing the positive aspects of his situation as well as the negative ones. He planted a big wooden cross on the beach and made a small cut with his knife everyday to remember what day it was. He also started writing a diary. To provide himself with food he decided to breed goats.

One day Robison found a small bag and decided to use it to store his gunpowder, when he shook it out near a rock. Soon after the rains came and a moth later he found barley and rice growing. Robison thought it was a miracle and thanked God and then remembered that he shake the bag near the rock and felt less thankful. Soon after there was an earthquake afterwards a great storm. As a result Robison was terrified, he never prayed to God.

When Robison finding a large turtle Robison fell ill then prayed to God. The next day he woke up felling better and went and killed a goat because he had no food. He fell ill again and this time he had a dream about a man descending from the sky to kill him because he didn't repent of his sins. As a result of this dream Robinson repented of his sinful life and started reading the Bible. His life became easier -he had lots of food and wood and he made some clothes, a hat and an umbrella from goatskins because the sun was too strong to go naked. He built a canoe but when it was finished it was too big to move as consequence he left it where he had built it. Robison found a man footprint on the beach he was frightened and went home to hide. He no longer trusted in God as he had before.

Robinson had been on the island for fifteen years and during this time he never saw another human being. One day on the beach he saw some skulls and human hands and feet. Cannibals had been on the island! Robison thanked God for being civilized. He thought about killing the savages but had realised that if they hadn't attack he had no right to kill them. After twenty-three years on the island he had found more bones and human parts. Previously he saw a fire and nine naked savages who had left in canoes. He thought again about killing them. A year later there was a terrible storm and a ship was wrecked but there was no survivors. A few years later about thirty savages came to the island with two prisoners. They killed one of the prisoners but the other one managed to escape. Robison saved the prisoner and took him to his cave. Strangely Robison dreamt about this event one and a half years earlier. Robinson called the savage Friday because he saved him on that day of the week. Friday had become his faithful servant.

Robinson taught Friday to speak and he learnt quickly. He also taught him how to use a gun, to make bread and eat animal meat. In particular Robinson tried to teach Friday about religion and told him about Jesus Christ, good and evil. In time Friday became a better Christian than the savages. They lived happily together for three years. One day Friday told Robinson that once seventeen white men had been shipwrecked and had arrived at his nation. He explained that the savages didn't kill and eat the white men because they only ate the flesh of prisoners they caught in battle. Friday said he wanted to return to his own nation but would only go if Robinson came with him. They started building a boat big enough for two of them and their goods.

One day after twenty-seven years more savages arrived with prisoners. Friday told Robinson that one of the prisoners was white man and so Robinson decided to attack. They managed to free the white man. They shot and killed many savages. The others ran. Then Robison found another prisoner in a canoe When Friday saw the man he kissed him, then laughed, then danced because the man was his father. So now on the island there were four people of different religions: Friday's father was a pagan and a cannibal, Robinson and Friday were Protestants and the Spaniard was a Catholic. Robinson decided to send the Spaniard and Friday's father back to the mainland to go and bring the other white men to live on the island. Eight days later they saw a ship approaching but it wasn't the Spaniard with the other men. It was an England ship Eight men arrived on the beach with three prisoners. Robinson and Friday approached the prisoners and discovered one of them was the captain of the ship and the other two his friends -his men had rebelled against him and intended to leave the three of them on the island. Robison freed the men and they went and killed the two rebel's leaders. The others begged for mercy. Robinson and Friday let the island with the English ship after living there for over twenty-eight years, two months and nineteen days. He took his goatskin hat, umbrella and parrot. Six months later he arrived in England after having been away for thirty-five years.

Unknown words (with translation):

To swallow: tragar

To regret: remorder

Faithful: fiel/fidelidad

Sailors: marineros

Sails: velas

Founder: hundir

Shore: Orilla/costa

Foolish: estúpido, tonto, necio

To Sign up: contratar

Fulfilled: realizada

Master: amo

To sail: zarpar

Ashore: tierra

To aim: apuntar

To row: remar

Half-drowned: medio ahogado

Willing: complaciente

Blankets: mantas

To carve: tallar

Shovel: pala

To breed: criar

Hammock: hamaca

To shiver: tiritar

Weak: débil

Wicked: malvada

Distress: angustia

Spear: Lanza

Outrageous: escandaloso

To encourag: animar

Freedom: Libertad

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