Passive Sentences

1) Change each sentence from active to passive:

- The Queen opened the new hospital yesterday.

- They're going to give the prize tomorrow

- Someone had closed the door

- Lots of people have used this computer

- They're interviewing Sandra tomorrow

- They taught me to swim when I was five

- Two men were following him

- They'll paint the house in the summer

- You can buy stamps here

- They're going to close the factory next month

2)Complete each sentence with the correct form of the passive

- My car (repair)at this moment.

- A new motorway (build)here next July.

- This game can (play)by up to six people.

- Oh no! My bag (steal)!

- Ulysses (write)by James Joyce.

- Many toys (make)in China.

- England (conquer)by the Normans in 1066.

- He (attack)by a burglar when the police came and saved him.

3)Complete each sentence with one of these passive forms

- The criminal caught yesterday.

- Dogs not usually allowed in restaurants.

- By the time I got to the shop, all the bread sold.

- Two new hospitals built last year.

- You can't go in that room because it decorated at the moment.

- What language spoken in Brazil?

- At the moment, he realised that he followed.

- You can stopped by the police if you're not wearing a helmet.

- A new space station built in the year 2014.

- Hve you heard the news? Life discovered on Mars!

4)Complete each sentence with the correct active or passive forms

- In restaurants, chefs (cook)for hundreds of people.

- First the potatoes (cut)and then they (fry).

- The ozone layer (destroy)right now.

- The Museum in Bilbao (finish)in 1997.

- Frank O Gehry (finish)the Museum in 1997.

- The Museum (visit)by thousands of people since it opened.

- A new airport (build)soon in Madrid.

- In science-fiction films, the world (save)by scientists.

- The goalkeeper (save)the penalty and his team won.

- A painting by Picasso (sell)for a million dollars last week.

5)Choose the correct active or passive form in each sentence.

- He can't come now. He is speaking/is spoken on the telephone.

- The house decorated/was decorated by professionals.

- They have opened/have been opened a new sports centre.

- Police officers are questioning/are being questioned a man about the theft.

- Usually football matches played/are played at the weekend.

- That song was singing/was sung by Alan Jackson.

- Scientists think that they have discovered/have been discovered water on Mars.

6)Complete each sentence with one of these verbs in the correct form of the passive.

save - repair - write - wear - find - build

- My computer works now because it

- The new hospital isn't finished. It right now.

- Two children by firemen yesterday.

- Scientists predict that a cure for illness in the very near future.

- Shoes must not in a mosque.

- The book The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot in 1940.

7)Complete each sentence with the correct active or passive form

- Since its publication, Don Quixote (translate)into many languages.

- Most important credit cards (accept)in this restaurant.

- Computers (help)us to do many things.

- Spiderman (create)by Stan Lee and Steve Sitko.

- Students (not allow)to go home before 4pm.

- The High Street (close)to traffic tomorrow due to road works.

- Yesterday he (solve)the crossword in just ten minutes.

- Your key should (leave)at reception when you go out.

8)Change each sentence from active to passive,or passive to active.

- Bottles can't be taken into the stadium

- They will ban cars from the citycentre.

- They are going to break the computer.

- The bus services is used by thousands of people.

- They have announced the results of the competition.

- They must serve the meal straight away.

- Mozart had composed a lot of music by the age of 15.

9) Change each sentence from active to passive

- IBM will offer hera job.

- The bank gave me a loan for a new house

- The company gave me a prize when I spent 1000 pounds.

- The tour guide showed us around the city.

- The ice-cream vendor gave my child a free ice-cream cone.

- They showed him the gun that was used as the murder weapon.

- She paid the workers three months' salary when she closed down her business.

- The boss offered him a rise for his hard work.

10) Change each sentence from passive to active

- English is spoken here

- This house was built in 1900

- Your life will be changed by this book

- My brother may be given the car for the first time tonight

- Their guest were shown some photographs of the trip.

- This room is going to be redecorated soon.

11) Change each sentence from active to passive. Use the word in brackets.

- Did you take the car to the garage yesterday? (taken)

- The government should pass a law against pollution.(passed)

- They are painting their house this week.(being)

- Everyone in our school knows her well.(she)

- She didn't tell anyone about the phone call.(no one)

- The school doesn't permit smoking.(isn't)

- Do they clean the hotel rooms every day?(are)

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