Ghost stories; Rosemary Border

Ghost Stories

Rosemary Border



Main Character: Tony Jackson- He was the man who suggested about playing Smee. But before playing Smee that Christmas Eve, he told them about the terrible experience he had five years ago.

Jack Sangton- He was reggie´s father. He was the man who had counted thirteen people after they´d found Smee for first time, when they were twelve at the beginning of the game.

Violet Sangston-He was Reggie´s mother. She felt an unpleasant thing in the air and a cold

finger seemed to touch them all after they had played smee for first time.

Reggie Sangston. He suggested to play Smee five years before Jack told his experince to another friends at Christmas Eve too. Also he felt a hand over his arm when he was looking por Smee for the second time.

Brenda Ford - She was the girl who had broken her neck when she was playing “Hide and Seek” ten years ago in Mrs. Gorman´s house (The same house where the Sangtons and Tony Jackson would play five years later).

Mrs. Gorman: She was the owner of the odd house. Also she was the woman who thought that she was with Smee and Tony Jackson near the window on the firt floor.


At Chritmas Eve, with the Sangstons in a strange house.


It was Christmas Eve and Tony Jackson was having a good dinner with all of his friends. When they finished the dinner all were in the mood for fun and games, therefore, someone suggested to play Hide and Seek. Eveybody agreed, except Tony Jackson whose refusal was the only one. And he suggested to play Smee, but without him.

It was uncommon that Tony refused to play a game, so one of his friends asked him why he would not play neither Hide and Seek, nor Smee.

Tony told them that he wouldn´t play Hide and Seek, because ten years ago a girl who was playing Hide and Seek, had broken her neck, when she was going to hide in a room, but when she opened the door and entered, she fall down stairs and died instantaneouslly.

So that everybody, said how terrible it should be for him to know that.

But, said Tony, there´s something worse than it! And that´s the reason for I´m noyt going to play Smee. So he told them about his terrible experience of five years ago:

There was Christmas Eve too and Tony Jackson was having dinner with the Sangstons and with other friends Ingludig Mrs Gorman, and an unknown cold and pale girl . After dinner they wanted to play something. So that, Reggie suggested to play Smee. Almost nobody knew what it was like. So Reggie explained the rules. He said that first of all someone should count all the players and have a sheet of paper for each one and just in one paper must be writen the word “Smee”. Then the papers had to be mixed and everyone should take a paper, and the person who had the paper with the word “Smee”, he/she should hide somewhere nobody could found her/him, but if the paper was in blank, he/she should try to find Smee. But the two most impotant rules were that all the game should be played with no lights and that Smee musn´tn answer to the other players if he/she was Smee.

After Reggie told them all the rules, all agreed.

So Reggie started to count all the players, they were thirteen including him. Then they made the papers and everyone took one. So the lights went off and the game started. After some minutes someone shouted that he had found Smee, then the others arrived and Jack started to count all, (...,eleven,twelve,thirteen) Thirteen! He said and then screamed, but at the beginning of the game I counted twelve!


Everybody was surprised whith the counting, when suddenly a loud scream listened, was violet Sangston, who said that she had had an uncomfortable something in the air, and a cold finger seemed to touch them all.

After, they decided to play again Smee. But almost all weren´t enjoying the game, specially Tony Jackson, he played again wishing enjoy the next game.

The play started and everybody were searching for Smee.

Tony was so bored son he decided to get out the others who were looking for Smee, and went to the first floor, then he found a window with window-seats, where he could sit , when suddenly he felt a pair of knees and then he touched a woman´s arm, so he whispered: Smee? And he had any answer, so he thought he had found Smee. Then he asked Smee for her name, and a whisper said: Brenda Ford. At the moment Tony wasn´t sure who was she, because he had known everyone of the players, except one, of that tall, pale, and dark girl whom saw at the dinner.

He decided to stayed there to wait until someone came there and realized that Smee was there. After some minutes he heard steaps, and the voice of Mrs. Gorman, lloking for Smee, when she noticed about the woman on the window she asked: Smee? Sehe had any answer son she thought she had found Smme too. The she realized about Tony's presence, so they waited together until the rest of thr players found them.

After some hours came Reggie asking for Tony and Mrs. Gorman, then Tony and Mrs. Gorman told to Reggie that they had found Smee. But Reggie told them that was unsense, because he had been Smee that time.

But Tony and Mrs. Said that they were sure they hab found Smee, so Reggie turned on an electric torch and they realized that nobody was beteweem Tony and Mrs, Gorman. So they insited. When they three went down o the sitting room, Tony saw the pale, dark girl and acussed her for trying to be Smee, but that was false.


Then, while everybody were playing cards, Jack Sangston was rather crossed with Tony, supposing Tony was in love with Mrs. And that was why he had invented that silly storie abuot Smee.

But obviously that wasn´t, so Tony protested that they really had been with someone else called Miss Ford. Miss who? Asked Jack Sangston.

Brenda Ford, Said Tony Jackson.

No, no, that´s immposible. Said Jack

Why? asked Tony.

So Jack said: Because Brenda Ford was the name of the girl who brofe her neck on the stairs, when she was playing hide and seek in that house ten years ago.


The Judge´s House


Main character: John Moore-He was studying for an important examination, so he decided to go to a quiet place.

Mr. Carnford- He was the layer who rent his house to John Moore.

Mrs. Woods- She was the landlady who took care of John Moore by helping and advising him for everything.

Mrs. Dempster- She was the servant whom Mr. Carnford had recommended to John Moore.

The great rat- Inside it there was the Judge´s soul. It used to appear at nights in the judge´s house.

Doctor Thornhill-

The Judge- He was a cruel judge, who used to hang their victims, showing no mercy to anyone.


It was in April. In a small town called Benchurch.


It was April and John Moore Was studying for an important examination, so he decided to go to a quiet place, where no one could disturb him. He looked in a railway timetable for an stranger town. So he foud one and went there.

When he arrived at Benchurch, for his first night in that town, he looked for a hotel. There he found a landlady called Mrs. Woods, who was very hind and helpful.

The next day Moore he looked for a house to rent. He found a quiet place and there was a big, old, seventeenth-century house for rent.Immedietely he looked for the responsable of the house, who was the lawyer Mrs. Carnford. He also recommended Moore a servant called Mrs. Dempster.

After Moore rent the house, he went with Mrs. Woods and told her about the house, After he finished Mrs. Woods trew up his hands in horror, and said: Not the Judge´s House!

Therefore Moore asked her why not. So Mrs. Woods told him that long time ago in that house lived a cruel judge, a really hanging judge, who used to hang his victims. And about the the house she could just say that everybody who rent and lived in there house, felt something strange that watched over them.

After hearing this, Moore was grateful with the kind landlady, but he told her, that she needn´t woory , because how was there for studying not for seeing ghosts.

Then Moore went for the servant whom Mrs. Carnford had recommended him.

He asked her for doing the cleaning of the dinning-room, where he was going to stay all the time.

At night Moore prepared a cup of tea and started

The Stranger in the mist


Giles Hampton-



Mr. Stevenson-

Captain Trevor-

Madog ap Rhys-


A short holiday in Frablan Fawr, Wales. Since October until October 18.


The confession of Charles Linkworth


Charles Linkworth- He was a condemned man in prision, because he had strangled his mother, and her mother had some money. And Linkworth owed a hundred pounds. So he would used his mother mother money to pay it.

Doctor Teesdale-He was the doctor, who had to make sure that Linkworth was dead.

Mr Dawkins(the prision chaplain)- He heard the confession of Linkworth that he had strangled his mother.

Prision Officer Draycott- He was the man who let Linkworth´s soul telephone Doctor Teesdale from the prision. Draycott didn´t understand why was Linkwirth´s soul maraudering in the prision.

Mr and Mrs Parker- They lived with Doctor Teesdale in the same couple.


In a prision of England.


Charles Linkworth was a man who had never agreed with his elder mother, also he had owed hundreds of pounds, so one day when his wife wasn´t in the house he decided to strangle his mother, therefore he could take his mother´s money and paid. He planned all ea well as he could. After he killed his mother, he buried the body in the amall back garden behind his shop.

The time passed and neither his friends, nor his wife had realized about the death of Linkworth´s mother. That was, because Linkworth had said everyones that one day his mother was as always in desagree with him a she decided to go to live in London.

Of course Linkworth in order to made this believable he sent all her luggage to the station.

So that, nobody could know obout the murder of Linkworth´s mother, until someday, his wife received a letter from the railway company, saying that the Linkworth´s mother luggage was still in the lost-luggage.

Sice that everybody started to suspect about the Linkwoth´s mother lost.The secret police inspected the garden, where Linkworth had buried his mother´s body.

After some days the pilice arrested Linkworth and condemned to death.

When he were at prision the chaplain, Mrs. Dawkins visited him and tried to make him to confess his crime. But that was good for nothing, because Linkworth didn´t want to tell him the truth.

Linkworth was hanged so he died immediatelly. After his death, the in charche to be sure that the condemned man was dead, was the Doctor Teedsale. So when the doctor Teedsale was cheking the dead body, he had a strange felling. It seemed to him that the spirit of the dead man war near to him.

When suddenly one of the officiers of the prision came into the room and told to the doctor that the rope that was around the neck of the condemned man had dissapeared.

Teesdale was surprised about the notice.

So he decided to go home. There when he was at his room, he felt again the same spririt he had felt once in the prision.

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