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Lengua y Cultura (Ingles VII) FINAL EXAM


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U 1

Vocabulary: Good communicators

1 Replace the underlined meanings with adjectives a-g.

a outgoing / b reserved / c coherent / d rambling / e communicative / f responsive / g persuasive

1 He's often quite reluctant to speak at meetings but when he does speak it's usually something relevant. ______

2 I have no idea what they were talking in a confused way about. They just went on and on! ______

3 Send your assistant to negotiate. She's very good at influencing people. ______

4 The argument behind this report is clearly expressed and easy to understand. ______

5 We need a new sales manager who is more of an extrovert than the last one. ______

6 I think you'll find that they'll be positive and listen to any new ideas to take this project forward. ______

7 Just because someone is very accurate and knows English grammar, it doesn't mean that they are able to put their message across. ______

2 Complete sentences 8-14 with answer a, b or c.

8 The whole meeting was a complete __________ of time.

a save b waste c share

9 The board will have to __________ the real problems and stop pretending they don't exist.

a engage b digress c face

10 Hang on a moment. I also asked my department to do this. We aren't ____________ work, are we?

a duplicating b copying c wasting

11 The new software they've ____________ is great. It makes my job so much easier.

a interrupted b allocated c installed

12 Can I stop you there? I feel that we're starting to ___________ from the main issue.

a ramble b digress c confuse

13 My job is to look at the budgets and ____________ resources fairly.

a waste b allocate c reserve

14 If she could learn to ___________ her ideas more eloquently, she'd be more convincing.

a express b engage c influence

Language Review: Idioms

3 Each sentence contains one wrong word. Delete it and write the correct word.

15 To get it in a nutshell, we're going to have to let you go. _________

16 Let's get straight at the point and talk about what's on offer. __________

17 I heard on the wavelength that you're leaving. Is it true? ___________

18 We seem to be talking at cross roads. What exactly are you saying? ___________

19 As usual, the newspapers have got the wrong piece of the stick and reported it incorrectly. ____________

20 I've called this meeting to take you all in the picture with regard to my future at the company. ____________

21 I simply can't make head or foot of these instructions. _____________

22 OK. I'm not going to beat in the bush. We've had a complaint about you. _______________

Skills: Dealing with communication breakdown

4 Re-order the words to make phrases for dealing with communication breakdown on the phone.

23 repeat you that could


24 I sorry catch didn't that quite


25 spell please that you would


26 you read back to can that I


27 not I'm with you.


28 we've lets' over agreed go what


29 I back can you call


30 me could information have you more let


Vocabulary: Collocations and phrasal verbs

1 Match the two halves of the sentences and write the answers here:

1___ 2___ 3___ 4___ 5___ 6___ 7___ 8___ 9___

1 We'd be happy to invest in the country if it weren't for all the government

2 In a declining

3 The results from the focus

4 The buying

5 There's a special

6 The largest market

7 The minister is warning that the economic

8 In real terms, income

9 I think the lack of political

a situation may not improve as quickly as predicted.

b distribution hasn't changed as much as everyone believes.

c group show that people really like the colour.

d stability makes it an unsafe investment.

e bureaucracy and paperwork.

f segment is the over-sixties.

g habits of our target customer have changed dramatically.

h market this isn't the time to be expanding.

i offer on them every day this week.

2 Underline de correct words in italics

10 I'd love to know what they're intending to bring off / in / out in response.

11 They're pulling out of / with / to the deal.

12 I should retreat back / from / into that kind of competition. You won't win.

13 To break into / through / off the coffee market at this stage would be difficult.

Language Review: Present and past tenses

3 Complete this conversation. Write the words in brackets in the correct tense.

A: Hi. I (14)________________(not see) you since the meeting in Singapore.

B: That's right. But I (15)________________(change) companies since then.

A: Really? (16)_______________(not/be) it Clipco you were working for?

B: That's right but I (17)________________(work) for GGR now. It's still the same kind of job but it's nice to have a change.

A: I (18)_______________(know) what you mean. GGR? I (19)___________________(not hear) of them I don't think.

B: No, we (20)_______________(be) a small company but our business (21)_________________(grow) and I think they (22)_________________(have) lots of good ideas. And you?

A: Actually, I (23)________________(leave) my company too and set up a new business last year.

B: Wow! How (24)_________ it ____________(go)?

A: It's been good - very hard work but I (25)______________(prefer) working for myself.

B: I'm sure.

Skills: Negotiating

4 Match the two halves of these phrases. Write your answers here:

26___ 27___ 28___ 29___ 30___

26 I think we should leave this point

27 and we just summarise the points

28 want to ask how

29 are you saying

30 o what you're saying is

a we're going to pay for this?

b we've agreed so far?

c you don't have that in stock?

d and come back to it later.

e you'll pay for the delivery

5 Re-order the letters to make a multi-word verb in these sentences. For example:

I'm going to be putide all morning in a meeting. __tied up__

31 Let me loniokot the matter and call you back. _________

32 Do you have time to durwap the agreement? __________

33 The company was petus by two brothers. ___________

34 The main thing is to holtdono our regular customers. _________

35 They're never going to agree. Let's just fallcof the negotiations. ______

6 Complete each of the following sentences with the appropriate form of a suitable phrase from the box.

Ej.: She_gets_ so carried auay in the excitement of securing orders and delivering the product that sometimes he actually neglects the customers themselves.

36 Organisations are just beginning to __________ ___________ _____________

37 As a manager, you have to think of ways of _____________a customer___________ a client, then a supporter and and advocate.

38 If we want to improve our performance, we need to _________ ___________the

Number of customers we lose.

39 It's easy to get so _______________ ______________in your products and services that you forget about the people who buy them.

40 We are definitely going to create a new post, so I suggest we should _________ ____________a few people about it.


Ej:. In the late 1990s, many countries witnessed a sharp economic___down turn .

41 The profit figures are excellent. Once again, we've ______________performed all our rivals.

42 We design and manufacture______________ efficient air conditioners for industrial use

43 The _____________________-pr4resident of PG Steel Corporation is suing for $1.5 million he says the company owes him as a retirement payment.

44 Whether or not to_____________regulate health care is a divisive issue.

45 Staff who never get any praise for their achievements may end up ______rating their own abilities.

46 When two of our______________-workers disappeared, all the boss had to say was they'd left to pursue other opportunities'.

47 China's largest car manufacturer, the FAW Group, is thinking of _______locating its headquarters from Changchun to Beijing.

48 Of course I can see now that Brian is an asset to our company, and I'm sorry I so badly________judged him when he started working for us.

.7.- Write the following numbers




UNITS 5, 6 , 7 Y 2

Vocabulary: Describing risk

1 Complete the sentences with answers a, b or c. (1 point)

1 Our company is ____________ even greater risks from global competition.

a facing b spreading c taking

2 We can ____________ the risk by looking at ways of cost-cutting.

a foresee b reduce c try

3 The reason for this meeting is to consider how to ___________ the company from any hostile take over bid.

a implement b protect c develop

4 Have you ________________ the risks to our staff who remain working there?

a considered b insured c thought

5 We've completed the risk _______________ and it's minimal.

a estimate b elimination c assessment

6 _________________ the effects of the possible risks involved an analysis of future scenarios.

a Encountering b Calculating c Adding

7 We're _____________ operations despite the advice to wait another week.

a delaying b preparing c resuming

Language Review: Conditionals

2 Write the verb in brackets in the correct form.

8 If we _________________(get) that designer, we'll have a brilliant website.

9 I think we ______________(have) a better product if we spent more time on planning.

10 The economy _____________(grow) when consumers have confidence.

11 If we'd shown more concern, he ________________(stay) with the company.

12 Just tell us what you want and we _______________(get) it for you.

13 Should you wish to leave, please ______________(give) us four-weeks' notice.

14 ____________ there ____________(be) a take-over, then we would have all been looking for a new job.

15 ____________ (give) time, I'm sure we can resolve our differences.

16 If we ______________ (look) on the Internet, we'd find it.

17 If you'd like to speak to one of our customer support representatives, then ___________(call) 020 8744 4637

Skills: Handling difficult situations

3 Underline the correct word in italics.

18 I quite / very understand the difficulties.

19 I'm terribly / just sorry, but we don't have it in stock.

20 I so / really have to leave now.

21 I must / very apologise for his behaviour.

22 It's so / quite nice of you to invite me.

23 I know terribly / exactly how you feel.

Skills: Reaching agreement

4 Complete this discussion with phrases a-g.

a we all agree

b Does anyone have

c So we've agreed

d Hold on

e What about if

f But I also agree

g I keep going on

A: (24)__________________that we need to take action straight away and we've had the proposal that we send two of our people out there. (25)___________________any strong feelings about this?

B: Well, (26)___________________about this but we can't send our people into this kind of environment.

C: (27)________________a minute. Our sources say the situation is safe now. There hasn't been a terrorist attack for over two months.

B: I just think that it's politically unstable and two months isn't very long.

A: Right. I think (28)___________________ with you there that safety to staff is our priority and I would say that there is still a risk. (29)___________________that we must keep a presence in the country providing we can do it without endangering anyone.

B: (30)___________________we use existing contacts in the country?

A: That's fine but, unfortunately, maintaining contacts will probably mean we have to have at least one person out there…

136 TG





  • When the Berlin Wall fell and barriers to world trade T F

  • came down, Professor Levitt was proved right.

  • Shortly after that time, local producers in countries with

  • newly opened markets began supplying similar products

    to gobal brands at a much more attractive price. T F

  • Currently global brand products sell best as luxury

  • products in many of these countries. T F

  • In rich countries there are fewer brand choice in

  • supermarkets. T F

  • The more money consumers have, the more choices

  • they want. T F




  • A..........................academic paper is one that has a powerful influence on the way people think and act.

  • If people's tastes.........................., more and more people prefer the same things.

  • When global companies..........................into newly opened markets, an enormous number of them enter these markets at the same time.

  • Companies that are facing..........................competition have very few competitors in their market.

  • Countries that are unaccustomed to..........................culture are not yet familiar with the idea that buying and selling goods and services can be a central part of people's lives.

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