Countdown to Midnight


1 Look at the front cover of Countdown to Midnight .Choose the best description of the picture on the cover.

1 A satellite is in space above Earth. True

2 A spaceship is landing on Earth. False

3 Two satellites are fighting whit lasers. False

4 A spaceship is destroying Earth. False

2 Look through the book very quickly and answer these questions.

1 Where does the story take place?

c) In Australia.

2 What does Professor Carter do?

b) He's a scientist.

3 What is the weather like in the story?

  • Very hot

  • 4 What type of history is Countdown to Midnight?

  • A thriller

  • 3 These are important words from the book. Put them under the correct column(s).


    Satellite Beach house Ferry

    Satellite dish Shed Motor boat

    Rocket Laboratory

    4 Match the name of each person to his description below.

    Look at page 5

    1 Joe: b) He is sixteen. He's got blond hair.

    2 Professor Carter: c) He's got light brown hair.

    3 Dr. Kerr: a)He's got some white hair and glasses.

    Look at page 13

    4 Sid e) He's got short dark hair.

    5 Charlie d) He's got dark hair and a beard.

    5 Look again. Guess the correct alternative.

    1 Joe is a good person.

    2 Professor Carter is Joe's father.

    3 Dr. Kerr is a mean man.

    4 Sid is horrible man.

    5 Charlie is Sid's friend.

    Chapter 1

    Before you read.

    1 Look at the picture on pages 2 and 3. Now hide it. What can you remember is in the picture.

    a ladder True a shed True

    a computer False a house True

    a satellite dish True a boy True

    While you read.

    2 Read pages 2 to 5. Choose the correct word from the box to complete each sentence.

    1 Professor Carter and Joe live in Bindaloo.

    2 Professor Carter is Joe's Father.

    3 Professor Carter works for SFC.

    4 Professor Carter's satellite dish is on top of the shed.

    5 Dr. Kerr is Professor Carter's assistant.

    3 Read again more carefully. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?

    1 Joe's mother and sister are in England. True

    2 Joe and his father are very good friends. False

    3 Joe thinks computers are very boring. False

    4 Professor Carter and Dr. Kerr argue during supper. True

    After reading.

    4 Choose the correct word to complete Joe's diary.

    Hurrah! My last day at school before the holidays start. I came home by bus. When I got home I had a shower. Then I watched television. Dad came home at half past five. We had supper with Dr. Kerr. I asked Dad about the satellite dish on the shed. He was angry with me, so I went to my bedroom and listened to music. He thinks I'm still a child!

    What next?

    5 In the next chapter, Professor Carter does something strange. Guess what he does.

  • He moves the satellite dish.

  • Chapter 2

    Before you read

    1 Look at the picture on pages 6 and 7. Match the sentence halves to describe the picture.

    1 Joe's father is b) working at his computer.

    2 Joe is c) holding a glass of water.

    3 It is d) 3 o'clock in the morning.

    4 There are lots of a) papers on the desk.

    While you read

    2 Read pages 6 to 8. Choose the correct summary.

  • Joe wakes up in the night. His father is working late in his study. Later, Joe's father moves the satellite dish.

  • 3 Choose a, b or c to answer each questions.

    1 Why can't Joe sleep?

    a)It is too hot.

    2 Why doesn't Professor Carter talk to his father about his work?

    a)It is top-secret.

    3 Why doesn't Joe talk to his father?

    c)His father is busy.

    4 What Professor Carter doing on the roof of the shed?

    c)He is moving the satellite dish.

    5 What does Joe decide to do?

    b)Call a meeting of the Space Club.

    4Complete Joe's report whit these words.

    Bindaloo Space Club Report.

    Last night, my father argued whit Dr. Kerr. At 3 o'clock this morning, he was working in his study. Why? Later, he was on the roof of the shed. He was studying a piece of paper carefully. Then he moved the satellite dish. The Bindaloo Space Club must find out what is happening!

    What next?

    5 Guess the answer to these questions.

    1 Does Joe talk to his father the next morning?

    No, he doesn't.

    2 Is Professor Carter move the satellite dish again ?

    No , he doesn't.

    3 Is Professor Carter working on a secret project?

    Yes, he is.

    Chapters 3 and 4

    Before you read

    1 Look at the pictures on pages 9 to 14 and answer these questions.

    1 What is Joe doing on page 9?

    He is talking on phone.

    2 What meal can you see on the table on page 10?

  • breakfast.

  • 3 What is Joe looking at on page 11?

    He look a note and a pieces of paper.

    4 Is Professor Carter in trouble?

    Yes, he is.

    While you read

    2 Read pages 9 to 14. Who says these things? Match each person whit a sentence.

    1 `I've got something important to tell you' b) Joe.

    2 `Next time I'll break his other arm' d) Sid.

    3 `No, no, not the codes!' a) Professor Carter.

    4 `A man can't think when he's thirsty' c) Charlie.

    3 Read again more carefully. Complete each sentence whit the correct number.

    1 There are four members of the Bindaloo Space Club.

    2 The Bindaloo Space Club meeting is at two o'clock.

    3 Joe's mother and sister are arriving in two days.

    4 Joe looked in Professor Carter's study at eleven o'clock.

    5 Dead Man's Island is four hundred kilometres away.

    After reading

    4 Put these sentences into the correct order.

    c) Joe looked in Professor Carter's study.

    d) Joe telephoned the other members of the BSC and organised a meeting.

    g) Joe woke up late. His father was not at home.

    a) Joe found a strange note from his father.

    h) Joe found some pieces of paper on the floor.

    f) Sid hit Professor Carter.

    b) Charlie gave Professor Carter some water.

    e) Professor Carter asked questions about Kon.

    What next?

    5 In the next chapter, the Bindaloo Space Club tries to understand some strange numbers.

    Here are the numbers:



    Guess what they are.

  • computer codes.

  • Chapters 5 and 6

    Before you read

    1 Look at page 17. What can you see?

    A boat, some cars, an island and some surf boards.

    While you read

    2 Read pages 15 to 17. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F).

    1 Andy wants to go surfing True.

    2 Joe things that his father is very dangerous False.

    3 Maggie finds Dead Man's Island on the map True.

    4 Joe has an old car with a roof-rack False.

    5 The journey to Wallabang takes six hours False.

    3 Match these sentences halves.

    1 MAY DIE means d) perhaps you will die.

    2 Maggie thinks that a) LA means Los Angeles.

    3 Professor Carter moved the satellite dish e) because he wanted to change…

    4 They were too late c) for the last ferry to the island.

    5 They could see b) one building on the island.

    After reading

    4 Choose the correct word to complete the report.

    Bindaloo Space Club Report

    A very exciting day! We had lots of important question to answer. We tried to understand the message on the pieces of paper. It was difficult, but finally we understood. The numbers show a position on a map. Joe's father is on Dead Man's Island. And we could see Professor Carter's car by ferry. We must rescue Professor Carter!

    What next?

    5 On page 17, Bob says, `I've got an idea'.

    Guess what Bob's idea is.

  • to use the surfboards to paddle to Dead Man's Island.

  • Chapters 7 and 8

    Before you read

    1 Which of the sentences below does not describe the picture on page 20.

    4 Charlie is laughing.

    While you read

    2 Read pages 18 to 22 and complete with names.

    1 Dr Kerr's other name is Kon.

    2 Kerr's men kidnapped May and Vicky.

    3 Professor Carter writes the codes on a piece of paper.

    4 Kon types the codes into the satellite.

    3 Choose a, b or c to answer each question.

    1 Why did Dr Kerr visit Professor Carter on Friday night?

  • To find out the computer codes.

  • 2 How will Dr Kerr start a war in space?

  • He will destroy Russian and American space stations.

  • 3 Where do Dr Kerr, Charlie and Sid go to after they get the computer codes?

  • Kon's hide-out.

  • 4 Why can't Joe, Bob, Andy and Maggie swim to Dead Man's Island?

  • It's too far.

  • 5 What time do Joe, Bob, Andy and Maggie arrive at Dead Man's Island?

  • Half past seven.

  • After reading

    4 Complete Dr Kerr's diary with these words.

    Rule codes idiot know America

    I have the computer codes! Now I'm going to start a war between Russia and America. Professor Carter is an idiot! Soon everybody will know about Kon, because Kon will rule the world!

    What next?

    5 Look at the sentences about the next two chapters. Guess what happens.

  • Dr Kerr shoots Joe

  • Dr Kerr finds out that the computer codes are false.

  • Chapters 9 and 10

    Before you read

    1 Look at the pictures on pages 23 to 27. Match the sentence halves to describe each picture.

    1 Joe is c) looking at his father through the window.

    2 Joe, Bob and Andy are d) untying Professor Carter.

    3 They are riding a motorboat b) away from Dead Man's Island.

    4 They are driving a) along the Pacific Highway.

    While you read

    2 Read pages 23 to 27. Choose the correct summary.

  • They find Professor Carter in the beach hut. They untie him and use Kon's motorboat to return to Wallabang. Then they drive back to Bindaloo.

  • 3 Read again. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?

    1 They open the door of the beach hut with a key. False

    2 Professor Carter's arm is broken. True

    3 They must return to Bindaloo before midnight to stop the world war. True

    4 It is difficult to return to Wallabang. False

    5 Professor Carter went to Dead Man's Island to send a computer message. False

    After reading

    4 Write Joe's questions for his father's answers.

    1 Who is Kon?

    Kon is my assistant at SFC-Dr Kerr.

    2 How can start a war?

    He can start a war by destroying all the America and Russian space stations.

    3 Why did you give him the computer codes?

    I gave him the computer codes because his men have kidnapped May and Vicky.

    4 Why did you go to the island?

    I went to the island to try to find May.

    5 How can we stop the war?

    We can stop the war by sending signals from my satellite dish in Bindaloo.

    What next?

    5 Guess how Professor Carter and Joe stop the war.

  • They destroy the SFC satellite dish.

  • Chapter 11

    Before you read

    1 Look at pages 28 to 29. Which of the sentences below does not describe the picture?

    4 The laser on the satellite is shooting at Earth.

    While you read

    2 Read pages 28 to 31. Who says these things? Match each sentences to a person.

    1 `We must try it. It's our only hope' c) Professor Carter.

    2 `Will that stop Kon?' d) Joe.

    3 `Five …four…three…two…one…' a) Bob.

    4 `we're just leaving for the airport' b) May.

    3 Read pages 28 to 31 again more carefully and answer these question.

    1 What time do Professor Carter, Joe, Andy, Bob and Maggie arrive at Bindaloo?

    At 5 minutes to midnight.

    2 Does Professor Carter type the codes into the computer?

    No, it doesn't.

    3 Does the satellite respond to their signal?

    N, it doesn't.

    4 How do they break the satellite dish?

    With the robot arm.

    5 Does anything happen at midnight?

    No, it doesn't.

    6 Do Kon's men kidnap May and Vicky?

    No, they don't.

    After reading

    4 Put these sentences into the correct order.

    c) Professor Carter and Joe ran to the study.

    f) Professor Carter and the Bindaloo Space Club arrived at the Carter's house.

    h) The computer sent a message to the satellite.

    a) The robot-arm hit the satellite dish.

    g) Everyone looked up into the dark sky.

  • Everyone cheered.

  • May telephoned from England.

  • May and Vicky arrived at Bindaloo.

  • 5 What did you think? Did you enjoy the story? Choose the adjectives that describe this story.

    Exciting and interesting.

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