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Composition 1:

“The storm”

My father and I have had a lot of unusual experiences, but I'm going to tell you the most fascinating adventure we have ever had.

It happened four summers ago in a sunny morning. The beach was full of people and we decided to go out in our sailing boat. It was no windy and no cloudy, and the sea was in calm. Then, some minutes later, when we were already sailing, we met a fishing boat. One of the fishers warned us about the danger. He told us:

-Come back to port as fast as you can, there's a storm brewing!

My father and I could hardly believe it. It was impossible, the weather was very pleasant and it seems quiet, and the fishers seemed as drunk as a lord. In spite of this we try to follow the fishing boat and come back to port -I've said “try” because a heavy swell prevented it-. Now, it was windy and it started to cloud over, the waves were too much tall and heavies. It was no point in shouting, nobody could hear to us.

My father was trying to let out the sail when I saw a mysterious man on the wharf, he was wearing a yellow coat and he was signalling to us to go out to sea. I told my father what the man in yellow had said and we do it in a last attempt to avoid disaster. We were trying to do what the man had said when a huge wave knocked the boat over and we fell down into the water. It was terribly cold, and I had no forces to swim. I couldn't see my father but I hear his voice in the distance and it calmed to me.

Suddenly, I saw a little boat next to me and the man who was doing signals on the wharf helped me to go out of the water. Later we went to help my father. I couldn't understand why his boat did not knock over. But it didn't matter in that moment.

As it looked like the storm was going out, the man brought us to dry land.

I was really scared because the waves were heavier and heavier. Not only were the waves what frightened me, but the rain too. The lightnings fell next to us. While we were fighting against the waves, everybody from the beach was watching us. They were enjoying themselves while we were here, in the boat, having a horrible time.

I think nobody was to blame for what happened. It was only the weather's fault. The fishers warned us about the storm, but they were late. However, if the fishers had not warned us, we probably would not tell this story.

Since that day, I have not seen the man in yellow anymore. Sometimes I think he was a hero or a “SUPERMAN” like in the films. But really, the hero is my father, in spite of he couldn't do anything for help us. Because during the storm I was scared to death, however, his self-confidence could calm me down.

Glòria Alarcón Mercader

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