Hello! , my name is Garfield, and I am a cat, yes! A cat I'm sure you are surprised...I'm the main actor of a comic and the main actor of a TV series too. I'm very funny and very happy, but I'm the laziest cat in the world. I born in 1978, in the USA and my creator's name is Jim Davis, the man who decided to paint me after his first job called “Guorn Guat”.

I live in a house in the USA with Jon Arbuckle my owner, and with a dog, Odie (I always play jokes on him)...


A normal day in my life

I get up lately, and I go to the painting studio, there, Jim Davis, paint me and write what I will say. Then, I do all the things that Jim wrote with Jon and Odie, and the other actors and actresses. This takes all the time of the day for me, so I haven't got free time.

Hobbies, Interests

I haven't got too many hobbies... Ok, Ok, I HAVEN'T GOT ANY HOBBIES, well I have one hobby, It's eat lasagna and don't do anything in all the day, I don't know why but my creator (Jim Davis) decided this, and I like it very much! I have another hobby, It's kick Odie all the day...

My family

I haven't got family, my family is Odie, Jon, and Jim Davis, I love them because they're the only thing I have in this world, sometimes, I insult them, but it's not serious, I do this because I love them, I'm very happy to have friends like they.

Good/Bad things in my life.

I like my life a lot, I like all the things I do, because I do what I want to do, the only bad thing in my life, it's that I have to work all the day, all the days so I haven't got free time but this is not a matter.


I will like to be an astronaut or something like that because I like it a lot, if I can't be an astronaut, I will like to be someone who helps the people, in whatever they want, I'll have my own house with my wife, the most beautiful cat in the world, and I will have a lot of cat's and we will be very happy.




Me when I was small

I'm waiting you in my oficial web site.

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