Colorado is a state of EUA. His situation is into Utah, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Nuevo México and Arizona.

The climate of Colorado is template and this population is of the 3178000 habitants, the densitate is of the 13 hab/km2.

Colorado (269594 km2).

Denver (Capital of Colorado):

More homes invade the range, like these in Hinghlands Ranch south of Denver, a planned community so large that it has its own zip code. In Longmont (foldout), where houses sprout like wheat, farmer Ray Dirks plans to sell off part of his spread, anticipating as much as $170,000 for a one-acre lot. Colorado loses 90,000 acres of farmland and ranchland a year to development.

Denver's ingamous “brown cloud”- particulates that include airborne rroad dust and combustion aerosols- mixes with West Sixth Avenue traffic. Medical researchers link such fine particles to an inchreasers link such fine particles to an increase in cardiopulmanary problems among residents.

The economy of Colorado is elevate (4,3 billion dollars) and the landscapes was elevate fauna and flora.

The principal cityes of the Colorado: Pueblo, Aspen, Dillon, Vail, Walden and Glenwood Springer.

Like blots in a geographic Rorschach test, Front Range cities ooze toward one another. While some observers see progress, others fear a Los Angeles-style megalopolis in the 21st century. With westward expansion blocked by mountains, Denver now reaches east, where Peña Boulevard (below) arrows toward the new Denver International Airport. An embryonic interchange awaits another link in a beltway being built around the city.


John Afshar, a fireman, and his family woke up one winter morning in 1987 in their home in Braley Acres, south of Chatfield Reservoir in Douglas County, to discover that his account was overdrawn- his well had dried up. Afshar spent $15m000 drilling a new well which also dried up. Most of his neighbors in Braley Acres have redrilled, investing as much as $20,000 for a 1,200-foot well.

The estate of Colorado.

Elk spill out of Rocky Mountain National Park to feed in traditional wintering grounds, now part of Estes Park's expanding suburban fringe.

As if squeezed trough a crach in the Dakota Hogback (above), the ken Caryl Ranch subdivision comes to rest in Front Range foothills near Denve. Houses or heifers ? For now it's both in Parker (right), where cowboys, their stock pastured, secure the day's operations.

The mountain of Keyston

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