Chemical secret; Tim Vicary


Chapter 5 - The New Experiment

John wanted to show Mary the new experiment he was doing. They went to his laboratory. There, he was feeding some rats putting a little of the waste products in their foods and drink. In a first sight, things were alright. Any rats were dead and only a few were ill. But they were going to have babies and that was the surprised. Those babies were born in a wrong way, without eyes or legs. John trusted that the company would make some machines to solve the waste products problems but Mary wasn't as sure as him.

Chapter 6 - The report

John wrote a report explaining the waste products problems to David Wilson, his boss. Here, we saw the two visions of the problem: one is the worried chemist who wants to do things in the right way; and the other is the businessman, only worried in making more and more money. David didn't want to build the machines because he would have to fire lots of people and it would be very expensive He was very sure of this idea. John tried to persuade David explaining him that the waste products in the river were really dangerous to the people, but David didn't agree. Also, David threatened John; if he tried to tell the problem to the media, we would lose his job.

Chapter 7 - Christine and Simon

Mary argued a lot with David Wilson about the waste products. He didn't listen to her so finally; she decided to let the factory and moved to another company. She didn't want to be worried about the waste products. John tried to convince her talking about the village, where lots of new buildings like shop and houses were built since the factory started working.

Also, John asked Mary for help. He was losing her daughter because John didn't like his boyfriend and they were always arguing. Mary came to a meal and talked with Christine. She wanted to marry Simon but John didn't think in the same way. Finally, John accepted the wedding. They made a special supper and Mary was invited. Simon was a journalist and his boss was going to increase his salary. He promised John that he would look after Christine. Simon was working in a new article of his newspaper. It talked about some seals of the river which had dead because of a strange disease.

Chapter 8 - The wedding

Christine and Simon got married. After the church, they had a little party in John's house garden. John was talking with Simon's parents. They were very good people and John felt comfortable with them. They talked about their children. Christine and Simon made a very good couple and they seemed to be so happy. But Simon was working so hard in the dead of the seals. There were some theories. One of those, made guilty the sewage products and everybody believe it. Nobody was thinking in the paint factory yet.

Chapter 9 - I don't believe in you

Three months before the wedding, Christine came to John's house with a very good new: she was going to have a bay. Both of them were too happy. But they started arguing when Christine started talking about Simon's new article, where he talked about the waste products. Simon thought that the paint factory was guilty of seals' dead. John had argued with David Wilson about it and they wrote to the newspaper saying that the article was false. But people started thinking about it and the government was going to investigate. Christine couldn't believe her father because she saw him nervous and sad…they separated their lives a bit more.

Chapter 10 - Greenworld

Christine and Simon went to John's house. John wasn't there because he was visiting Mary in Scotland. Christine and Simon were looking for the boat. They caught it sailed until they found two friends, Peter and Susan, in the river. They went near the paint factory with white T-shirts with “Greenworld” written in them. They put some cement bags in the pipes of the factory. The cement would be hard and nothing unhealthy would be thought by them. They showed some sheets with environmental messages to the photographers. A man of the factory was shouting at them. It was a windy day and the boat finished overturned. Everyone was through into the water. Simon helped Peter and Susan and then tried to swim and catch Christine, who was unconscious. The river was rebellious and they were pulled a bit far. She didn't breathe, but Simon helped her putting air in her mouth. Finally, she breathed by herself. Simon finished crying because of all the accumulated tension.

Chapter 11 - The Public Enquiry

There was a public enquiry. John came from Scotland to answer the lawyer questions in front of everybody. Some chemists and biologists from London came to taste the river water.

The lawyer asked him about the rats, the water, the seals… John was lying. He couldn't tell the truth because he was threatened by David Wilson.

Suddenly, the lawyer showed John the newspaper which said that his daughter was nearly drowned in the river, drinking lots of polluted water. At the end, he confessed that the waste products were dangerous and left the room running.

Chapter 12 - The future

John lost his job. He had to leave his house and bought a flat, less big and comfortable. His daughter was angry with him. John had bought lots of things to her baby, but he didn't find the moment for give them to her.

The day when the baby was going to come, he called the hospital to know some news, but finally he decided to go to the hospital to see her directly and give her some flowers and an excuse.

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