Introduction: Health Warning!

Everybody who believes Microsoft is doing well and cannot accept a negative opinion about Microsoft shouldn't read further. This could damage his health and his believes.

It's important to mention a few things before we can start. Microsoft Corporation (MS) it's a software company and is owner is Bill Gates. And that company is making the Windows Operating System (O.S.). The problem is that this company makes this O.S. only for the money, so they don't care if the program is good enough to go out for the market or not. That's the main reason why I think none of us should use any of they software.

My attitude concerning Pcs was quite liberally some years ago. But I had to experience how unreliable and bad programmed Microsoft products are. This would have not affected me (because no one forced me to use MS-products) but there was developing a computer-racism among the Microsoft's users all over the world which doesn't tolerate any other systems. So I decided to face Bill Gates more than ever.


The introduction of the 80286 processor should somehow give a PC the possibility to use a multitasking operating system. Unfortunately MS was not able to create such an operating system until the end of 1995. Windows 95 should establish this but it wasn't quite impressive. Especially for those who has worked intensively with multitasking operating systems since 1987, like the Macintosh users.

After every new release of Windows (95, 98, NT) MS-users claim, "Now Windows can do real multitasking". I'm asking myself every time, "What kind of multitasking was it before? A fraud? Will all MS-users claim that Windows can now real multitasking again?"

Really amazing how easily MS-users can be tricked.

Intelligent market industry

That's sad but true. Everybody knows that Microsoft have one of the best market strategic. One of the things that irritates me is that when they sell something with an error, the PC-users call them bugs, knowing that the System have a bug, they makes you buy the patch for that error, because without it you can't use your new computer. Another thing in the MS-platforms is that it can be used for everybody. The structure is simply, at least it's seems to, and prettier than other O.S., like Linux. That's why the other companies, that concern about the system security, are not that famous.

The Files

Another problem with the Windows O.S. is the name that they give to their files. A few words speak for themselves: length of filenames and the very unprofessional solution for long filenames since Windows 95, capitalization, special characters, size of partition, access only by drive letters (A-Z).

The other thing to worry about it's the cluster problem. The cluster is where all your data is being saved, like a lot of boxes. Files have an average size of 114 Kbytes so we can calculate the maximum number of files stored in a full partition. But the problem is: what happen if a file is smaller than the cluster? A file cannot use half a cluster. So you begin to waste some memory in you hard drive. The following table can be determined:

Partition size

Cluster size

Average consumption
(unused bytes)

1 GB

16 KB

72 MB

2 GB

32 KB

287 MB

4 GB

64 KB

1.12 GB

8 GB

128 KB

4.5 GB

For a better understanding, KB means kilobytes, MB means megabytes and GB means gigabytes. There are a portion of data, like when you are talking about kilograms or ounces.This means that for an 8 GB partition we would need an additional amount of 4.5 GB for the files. So we would have to initialize a 12.5 GB partition when we want to use 8 GB.

Reliability of the operating system

Again and again I've heard from various sources that the operating system W95/98/NT either destroyed itself or has been destroyed by other programs. The whole system must be installed completely after that, which doesn't take a short time. What kind of operating system let suffer such things to itself?

So-called standard

Again and again MS-users tell me that file formats like Word are standard and thus readable by every user.

Once and for all: Neither Word nor any MS-specific file formats are standard only because a lot of people can use it. Standards are specified by independent associations and not by Microsoft!

Besides the stupidity of MS-users is unbelievable: The internet is full enough and those people send Word files with exorbitant sizes by email and believe that other users can read it.

For clarity: If I ever receive an email in a MS-pseudostandard format I will delete this message unread!

Update from W95 to W98

Well, this I've got to give Bill G. that: He can pull a lot of money out of people's pocket and they are thankfully.

Keep this in mind: A very buggy "operating system" in 1995 (!) has been replaced by a new release (1998) 3 years later. This update contains nearly no new features but only fixes to the bugs and is - according to Bill G. - user-friendlier. Such a big corporation like Microsoft is only able to produce fixes to the bugs after 3 years?

Window layering

It's still baffling me why Windows has no reasonable layering. Nearly every application has its own "Refresh" menu entry to draw the content of a window again. Embarrassing for an OS of the nineties. Also embarrassing are those windows, which cannot show their content correctly from time to time.

Furthermore it's still impossible to leave an active window behind the other windows. I'm using this technique to read information from a little window while my editor window remains in full size in the background accepting my input. Is this user-friendly?

Year 2000 Problem

Windows exists now for so many years and they still didn't solve their year 2000 problem.

Mouse with Wheel

Who wasn't ever been upset about the strange behavior of Windows scrollbars? It works dragging the scrollbar down with the mouse. But if you ever get too far away from the scrollbar then it jumps back to its old position and we do not notice this in the first place.

To solve this false behavior it has been made the following solution: The Mouse with Wheel.

To be honest: this company its playing with us. Instead to remove this jump they make a hardware solution.

But who cares? Again the possibility to draw the PC-users the money out of their pockets because they have to buy mouse with wheels and the proper drivers. So what will come next?


If you look around in the WWW you will see only MS-products today. The whole market is ruled by Bill G. now, this is of course a very pessimistic view. But wouldn't it be nice if freedom and variety exists in the world of computers again? Macs, Amigas, Ataris, etc. and even Pcs with different operating systems.

And don't come with arguments like "then we cannot exchange data". Because in the Pcs its very difficult to do it among themselves.


There's a company named Microsoft Corporation that is creating software only for the money. They only worry about things like: how many copies did we sell? Or do we need to change the name and sell it at the twice of the original price? I'm very sorry of you that think that MS it's a good company, because you just simply don't know nothing about computing, or even worse, don't know when someone it's making fun of you, by buying things that don't work perfectly.

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