February 06, 2007

Period 4

The anorexia

The Anorexia is a disease that is characterized by the intense fear to gain weight and by a distorted image of the own body (body dimorphic disorder BBD). It leads to a serious thinning due to an exaggerated diet and to an excess of exercise. It is not associated with any other previous organic disease. One appears habitually in adolescents, especially in the women. The disease produces alterations in the hormonal cycles, an inmunodepresion with increase of the risk of infections, and approximately between the 5 and 18% of the anoréxic die by undernourishment. The patients also suffer often bulimia, that consists of ingesting enormous amounts of foods and later to cause the vomit to remain thin; the repeated vomits alter the body balance, producing, in general, hypopotasemia that can affect the cardiac operation. An accepted treatment for the nervous anorexia does not exist universally. Frequently he is associated with depression and low self-esteem, and the patients usually improve with antidepressants. The normalization of the corporal weight is an important step in the treatment of the disease. The psychotherapy and the familiar therapy often are important. Half of the patients is cured definitively, although sometimes, the disease ends up producing metabolic and hormonal alterations that aggravate the purely psychic process. Many patients with anorexia never go to the doctor, reason why the appearance frequency of the disease is not known with exactitude.

Sings and symptoms of anorexia

Dramatic weight loss, because refusal to maintain the minimal normal body weight for one's age and height, frequently skipping of meals , with excuses for not eating and eating only a few foods ,especially those low in fat and calories.

Frequently weighting of one and focusing on tiny fluctuations in weight and wearing baggy clothing to cover up thinness, much is observed the mirror and an excessive regime of exercises prevails even when he is thin, it feels to have overweight and hypersensitivity to heat.

In females, missing three consecutive menstrual periods, in males, decreased sexual desire.

Physical Effects of anorexia

some effects of the anorexia are the lost one of hair, defense system are very devil, often chew the food to feel full, suffer of severe dehydration and this can result that kidney can have serious complications, feels very tired and feels few desire to sleep.

In several cases: present heart trouble, low blood pressure, low heart rate, low body temperature, poor circulation, anemia, stunted growth and even death

Emotional and behavioral Effects :

the effects and consequences of the anorexia are the depression because they feel single and that nobody understands them, but irritable because they feel that the things that make not this good for anybody, they have bad memory ,in some cases feel confused, they lose concentration and single they think about as to see but thinks, they to isolate itself of friends and relatives and they feel great empty emotional, feel that nobody understands and are but they dependence of being addict to drugs and the alcohol because they think that is they felling more good.

In many cases does not count on a medical attention adapted by them symptoms are but severe and in many cases it finishes in the death. In the adolescence it is where it mainly exists greater indices of cases of anorexia and this also tie with bulimia by the social surroundings and the mass media that present/display the very thin ideal woman.

The cocaine stimulates the central nervous system, directly acting on the brain immediate physiological effects are: perspiration, increase in the muscular power, midriasis, increase of cardiac activity and sanguineous pressure, expansion of the peripheral blood vessels, convulsions, increase in the respiratory rate and of the corporal temperature. These symptoms can cause the respiratory death by cardiac unemployment or faults. In addition irritations and ulcers in the nasal mucosa appear. Commonly cause nasal congestión, that it can appear or with secretion does not eliminate. The use by injectable route exposes to the addict one to infections of AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and other diseases infectocontagiosas. The infection with the HIV can take place by the direct transmission of virus when sharing contaminated needles and other devices. In addition, it can take place indirectly by prenatal transmission to a boy whose mother is infected with the HIV.

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